Gender Equality

Gender equality is not a side issue. It is at the core of a stronger response, recovery, and a more resilient future.
Inevitably, some people will argue that we should table conversations about gender equality until we get through this emergency. But the disease and its effects are not gender neutral. Our response cannot be either.
Melinda Gates

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Gender inequality isn’t a problem we can ignore, even in a pandemic—or rather, especially in a pandemic.

Consider the fallout so far: Government-ordered lockdowns have shown rapid increases in domestic violence. Disruptions to the global supply chain have limited the supply of contraceptives in low-income countries. Schools are closed and girls’ education lags. And women are nearly twice as likely to lose their jobs than men in the pandemic economy. When COVID-19 cut clothing demand in New York, seamstresses in Ethiopia face hunger.

With thoughtful attention and deliberate action, we can change this. We can build a more resilient future.

We can’t wait for gender equality to magically happen. In the 21st century, there’s still no place on earth that treats women and men equally.

There’s opportunity—right now—to rebuild a stronger, more resilient, more prosperous world, one that sidelines systemic inequality.

Because equal is greater.

We can build a more equal future for women and girls

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Photo by Martin Barzilai / HAYTHAM-REA / Redux

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